Background and culture
The name “Chepa” is pronounced t/shepa – a Pretoria township slang word meaning stylish or well dressed.
The brand has been operational since August 2017. We manufacture and retail our clothing online and offline. Our staff consists of a pool of  talent i.e photographers, graphic designers, content creators, seamstresses, models. We believe in constantly evolving; by researching trends, introducing new designs improving our product quality and engaging with our clients. Chepa is an Afrocentric brand and our culture is based on the ethos of Afrocentricity. So we put a huge emphasis on making garments that you will love and also providing the best service possible to make our clients shopping experience as pleasant as possible. We believe that fashion makes a statement about you without you having to speak. Our brand speaks to the young and old. It speak to those who are protagonists of the African dream; of an Africa that has knowledge of self expressed through fashion, art, culture, trend and occupying physical and digital spaces.
Why #africanprintstreetwear ?
"Streetwear without culture is just fashion" - Bobby Hundreds
Streetwear has always been defined as a casual clothing style worn by members of various urban subcultures. It's also casual wear we wear on a daily basis. So why cant we wear Africanprint on a daily? We wanted to make clothes that are practical and easy to wear but also eye-catching. There’s no need to have a sub-culture when you’re wearing African-print because you’re already wearing “culture”. In SA, African-print is worn mostly to weddings or on Heritage Day. We don’t make formal clothes, and we also don’t want to be boxed by how African-print clothing has always been made.
Our aim is  to promote a post-modern, Afrocentric culture within people to foster an appreciation for casual, modern, African-print clothing. 
We are a streetwear brand because that is our biggest influence, from Ama Kip-Kip, to Loxion Kulture we have always loved what SA has produced in the local scene. We loved the idea of bringing this concept to birth because it presented a unique experience for our audience to appreciate their culture and represent that in the streets. African print is definitive of our African roots and we just want to share Africa with the world.