" Our latest collaboration with Lucky Star encapsulates the very essence of modern African design and iconic heritage. The birth of the Phatsimo range, meaning "shine" in the Setswana language, is a result of our efforts to fuse our brands’ striking commonalities innovatively. This collection is a celebration of our shared commitment to presenting the finest aspects of our diverse cultures to the world. In South Africa, both food and fashion have always been cherished art forms, and this collaboration pays homage to this tradition. Inspired by cultural unity and innovation, the Phatsimo range reflects the rich history of our country while embracing a bright and promising future.

The collection is a striking blend of contemporary African patterns and streetwear silhouettes, resulting in a bold, fresh range. The custom made fabric is dense and warm, it is windproof and breathable. The unique print design showcases the our iconographies and adds sophistication to the Autumn/Winter '23 collection. Each piece in the collection, from the intricate details to the vibrant colours, tells a story of creativity and passion. This is more than just a collection of clothes; it is a celebration of our diverse culture, creativity, and unity. We invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to shine and express our authentic selves woven at home. "

behind the scenes

" This fun and innovative project involved teams from different backgrounds and industries working together with a collaborative spirit. The behind the scenes video captures the meticulous execution, attention to detail, and teamwork that went into the project, resulting in a final product that showcases the creativity and passion of everyone involved.