Our Lepoqo collection (pronounced Liphoqo) is inspired by the legacy of King Moshweshwe. This monochrome print features a regal pattern structure befitting of royalty. It's a perfect statement piece that rouses historical pride and modern affluence. Moshweshwe I, was the first king of Lesotho. He is known as one of the most successful Southern African leaders of the 19th century, combining aggressive military counteracting and skilfull diplomacy against his enemies.

His name was allegedly changed from Lepoqo after a successful raid in which he sheared the beard of his victims. As was the tradition, after a raid, young men would compose a praise poem and in this poem he referred to himself as a raizor. In Sotho language it is said to make a "shoe.. shoe.." sound, and after that he was affectionately called Moshoeshoe: "the shaver".

During his reign, he brought many tribes together, where he gave his people land to farm and thrive. He was a ruler of great vision and unity.