Ubuhlebendalo Collection

This collection is a beautiful fusion of culture and contemporary fashion, designed to celebrate the rich diversity of women from all walks of life. Each piece tells a unique story, blending traditional African patterns and modern silhouettes to embrace and highlight the beauty of every woman.

Whether you’re a bold and confident trendsetter or prefer classic elegance, our range offers vast colours, patterns, and styles to suit your individuality.

Mandisa kaMagwa Phuncu is a visionary fashion designer with a deep-rooted passion for creativity, instilled by her mother’s artistry in clothing.Mandisa has seamlessly woven her love for fashion with a celebration of African aesthetics.

Mandisa currently holds the position of Creative Director for Chepa Streetwear, overseeing the ladies’ department. In this capacity, her distinctive contribution involves infusing femininity and sophistication into the department’s aesthetic. Mandisa’s unique approach to fashion, characterized by a tasteful blend of boldness and empowerment, seeks to significantly shape the brand’s identity within the ladies' department.